State of my year: Black holes and revelations

Well. Friends and one-day followers, 2013 is the year I decided to get a blog. Why? So I can share my insignificant issues and my insignificant life with the internet. Who wouldn’t want to know what I’ve been listening to recently? I mean, gosh. This blog is clearly the epitome of riveting and the definition of interesting. You lot should stop watching paint dry and start reading: to be honest, there isn’t much difference between the two. Here’s some generic info about the state of my year:

1. It is approximately 23 degrees celsius outside

2. It is a Beautiful Day, sunny and slightly breezy. The trees are Blowin’ in the Wind.

3. It is July the 29th 2013

4. Muse are still my favourite band

5. I still don’t actually have a life

That is all.


4 thoughts on “State of my year: Black holes and revelations

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