Urban Dictionary: A new thing

So a friend got me the Urban Dictionary, the ‘Freshest Street Slang Defined’, for my birthday, and I thought, what better way to use this than to share my word/phrase of the week with my trusty followers?

This week’s choice made the cut for it’s relevance to the festive season, currently being enjoyed by people all over the world. Here it is. Drumroll, please:

Merry Textmas

– The use of text messaging to send Christmas greetings

The dictionary helpfully gives a really ‘street’ example of when to use this:

Bob: Hey Sherry, who’s blowing up your phone over there?

Sherry: Everyone is sending me merry textmases.


Hands up if you received/sent a merry textmas.

I’m sure this urban education is going to change your life.

That is all.





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