(Urban) Word/Phrase of the week:

This one is interesting; suggested to me by someone else and entirely made up (i.e. not in the actual, authorised version of the Urban Dictionary). It’s unique and original.
Calendar relationship
So this will be less concisely defined than usual given that I’m not copying straight from the Dictionary itself. Here goes;
A relationship in which every new progression is timed perfectly and exactly to the letter; where spontaneity ceases to exist and scheduled ‘encounters’ become the norm
The relationship may or may not be something of a last resort situation for both parties. An example:
Left as the last singles in Year 13, Liam and Flo made the executive decision to become a couple. Two days later, they’d already set a date on which they’d take things to Third.¬†
Interesting, hey. Creds to the violin mosher for that one (you know who you are).
That is all.

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