(Urban) Word/Phrase of the week:

Hello, readers one and all, welcome to

Urban Dictionary Word/Phrase of the week

It’s fabulous to be back. Haven’t you all missed this?

Apologies for being so slack; keeping you all on tenterhooks waiting eagerly for my next post. What with five days in Greece and an Easter weekend in Devon, sporadic wifi and lack of a dictionary to peruse, nothing has been written for…two weeks?  Well. No longer. I’m home and ready for this week’s update. Are you?


Now. We shall have to disregard the abysmal spelling here; bear with the definition. This is a pretty good choice from my excellent mystery friend who selects numbers and thus words every (most) weeks.

Dreams so complex in plot and rich in production value that they seem like feature-length films

This is such a great term to cover something so hard to define. I mean, I still remember dreams from back when I was about 5 or 6, in such great detail they’re more vivid and dramatic than Virgil’s Aeneid book XXII. If you’re lost by my highbrow metaphor, here is an example from the book for you.

Wow! I had niteflix last night. The only things missing where the end credits. I wonder if Steven Spielberg has niteflix too.

There’s something to think about. Does Steven Spielberg have schmultzy, feature-length dreams longer than his two and a half hour War Horse epic………you can’t say I don’t provide food for thought, people.


‘I’m a cynic but my heart’s not in it’  (Blur reference there wow – who’s excited for Damon Albarn’s new album?)







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