(Urban) Word/Phrase of the week:

Bonjour, mes petits choux-fleurs,

En ce moment,

J’écoute un podcast français en écrivant ce blog-post.

I’m just so bilingual, what can I say?


Tomorrow, it is my French iGCSE so I shall have fun with that.

Today, I shall tell all you eagerly-awaiting readers the

URBAN word/phrase of the week

If you missed last week’s episode.

Where were you.

What were you doing.

Why would you be anywhere but on my website with it’s pretentious posts and random name.

Anyway, the phrase was

cognitus interruptus

And I thought I’d bring it up here, because you know, that French interlude was a good example of the definition of the term.

If you’re confused then…..follow my blog.

Right. After all this shameless plugging, cognitus interruptus, and sheer French. Here’s the phrase:

retard in aluminium foil

How odd, you say, what does it mean, you wonder? It’s all ok, because guess what, THERE WILL BE A DEFINITION. And to be honest, how can things get weirder on this blog?

What a lady’s knight in shining armour becomes when she really gets to know him

A little bit of nonsense imo, but Urban Dictionary by definition is a little bit of nonsense.

And one (quite major) critique of this bible: American spelling.


Even if your English-Speaking Population is greater than actual England’s English Speaking Population.

Words have history.

‘Armor’ just destroyed the derivations of ‘armour’.

I feel far too strongly about language for your average sixteen-year-old girl.

Well. I think I’m done here for tonight.

In spirit of the evening, I shall leave with a







(‘That is all’

Retard in aluminium foil. Mildly terrifying.

– in French……..)




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