(Urban) Word/Phrase of the Week:

Well greetings one and all, on this fine summery Sunday evening.

Yes, it’s that time again:

the moment




the word

or phrase

of the week.

Note the tense indentation I’ve used here; credit my literary skill (It’s English Language tomorrow, in case you hadn’t guessed. And also physics *shudder*)

Additionally, note the unintentional reference to ‘The Moment’ by Margaret Atwood there. I’m too good, my friends.

Anyway, we shall move forward (like the Light Brigade – Tennyson, ignorant souls).


Here is the word. Not as exciting as Shakespeare, Tennyson or Atwood but there we go. It’s part of a new language, a future ahead of these great literary artists, making it interesting in its own way; we should embrace it. Yes.

I dwell too long on my favourite subject. Here is the definition.

Word used to describe the practice of recycling, or being green, only when convenient

Not only is the etymology itself something for The Modern World, the very subject matter contained in the definition of the word deals with the topical issue of Climate Change.

Here’s the example of when to use it (if you should actually ever want to):

I would have recycled my Fiji water bottle, but my plastic bin was full. I guess I’m just congreenient

So this example also tells us the type of person who would employ the term ‘congreenient’. A Fifi water drinker. Someone who is prepared to spend £3 or £4 on water which tastes like any other bottled water, looks like any other bottled water and essentially IS any other bottle water. Apart from the vital USP that it (allegedly) comes fresh out of the Extraordinary Water Sources of Fiji, brimming with Extraordinary Health Benefits.

This person would clearly not consider air miles on their precious water, let alone care whether or not their water bottle was then recycled after every precious drop of Fiji Water had been drained from it.


I’m done here.

That is all.



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