(Urban) Word/Phrase of the week:

So shocker; this is a day late. I don’t know what happened yesterday – I was mainly just feeling exhausted, because hey, exam fever is fairly draining.

I went to see the Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern yesterday afternoon though: I didn’t have high hopes for it initially, I must admit, given that my only knowledge of Matisse comes from the time my year one class was forced to create our own masterful versions of ‘The Snail’. The exhibition lived up to its hype however; it really was fantastic. I came away with a packet of 24 Assorted Postcards, Designed Exclusively For The Exhibition and that virtuous feeling one always gets when coming away from a highbrow cultural event. A slight smugness at one’s own enlightenment.

That was a cognitus interruptus paragraph. Ok.

elevator circles

Is the phrase of the week today. This situation is one we can all relate to.

Walking awkwardly around a large elevator lobby after you press the button, because you don’t know which elevator door to stand by.

You know. That moment when you press the little light-up arrow for any one of the three lifts in the area, with no idea which one will appear at your disposal first. And then you’re left to hang around, probably looking at your phone, definitely texting someone and not just playing Candy Crush, because you do have a social life. 

But without the phone, the only thing to do is wander in Elevator Circles. Here’s an example of being caught out in this position.

At work yesterday, my boss walked by while I was doing my elevator circles, and now he thinks I’m crazy.

To be fair, it probably does look a little bizarre to be walking concentric circles in your boredom and uncertainty.

So that’s it for this week everyone: follow me, like this and maybe even share it. As if ha. 

That is all.


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