(Urban) Word/Phrase of the week:

Salvete omnes,

After a week of relative calm, it’s back to the storm of exams tomorrow; what fun. And yes, this does include latin, hence the greeting. There is also a history exam – hopefully both of these will go ok. I feel decently prepared. The unrelated un-ending thoughts customary of my urban word weekly updates aren’t flowing well today: this could be because last night was the first decent Saturday Night I’ve had in a while (and therefore, despite the coffee and teas of earlier, I am beginning to feel a certain tiredness). 

Your word for this week is:


There is a round of QI which deals solely in this idea. ( – this being the General Ignorance round, for those unaware of the show)

Widely held and promoted but false information that has taken on a mythic quality. Misinformation.

Well look at this. Mis-information : Myth-information. See what they did there?

It’s things like how, contrary to popular opinion, the goldfish doesn’t actually have a memory span of three seconds. Shocker, hey.

The Dictionary gives this example:

September 11 conspiracy theories are based on myth-information

I personally consider this a poor example, as a minority of people believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories. This means that the information is neither widely held, nor promoted: it’s not false either, these crazy-thinking people have just manipulated what was true into something fairly fantastical. Anyway, myth-information is the word of the day people.

Spread the word.







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