(Urban) Word/Phrase of the week:


This is again late. As if anyone cares, but my sincere apologies anyway. 

I finished my book yesterday; Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge. It wasn’t something I’d usually read at all (it was fantasty fiction, not really my thing)  but it was so beautifully written that I ended up really enjoying it. The other thing that has been great recently is the sun. I don’t know where this is coming from, but the weather always seems to be perfectly warm and perfectly sunny and perfectly timed for the weekends. And what better thing to do than go down to the park with your favourite people and do nothing for a few hours?

Annnnyway. The phrase for this week is:

gift crack

Yes. Weird I know, but actually a fairly useful word to describe a very common phenomenon.

The gap in wrapping paper or uncovered portion of a gift usually found on the bottom of the box. May result from the gift wrapper running out of paper, or cutting gift wrap to small to cover the entire package.

Ahh, but the consequence of this is the most important part of it.

Bryan figured out what his present was because the gift crack exposed the picture on the box.

That moment when the gift crack ruins the surprise that usually comes with receiving a present.

So there you have it, people.

That is all.



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