(Urban) Word/Phrase of the week:


silent rave

This being today’s phrase. It’s not particularly original but I like it.

“Rave”  or form of wild dancing party where all the members listen to music through headphones on separate portable music players. The players are all synchronised so everyone is hearing the same thing, but no outsiders hear anything

‘Portable music players’ hey. When WAS this written? Nowadays it’s all iPods tbh. Anyway, here’s the example.

The police didn’t bust the silent rave down the street because nobody complained about the noise

So there you have it. 

That is all.


(Urban) Word/Phrase of the week:

This one is interesting; suggested to me by someone else and entirely made up (i.e. not in the actual, authorised version of the Urban Dictionary). It’s unique and original.
Calendar relationship
So this will be less concisely defined than usual given that I’m not copying straight from the Dictionary itself. Here goes;
A relationship in which every new progression is timed perfectly and exactly to the letter; where spontaneity ceases to exist and scheduled ‘encounters’ become the norm
The relationship may or may not be something of a last resort situation for both parties. An example:
Left as the last singles in Year 13, Liam and Flo made the executive decision to become a couple. Two days later, they’d already set a date on which they’d take things to Third. 
Interesting, hey. Creds to the violin mosher for that one (you know who you are).
That is all.

(Urban) Word/ Phrase of the week:

So this is a great term, it should definitely be included in the Primary School Problems fb page.

Sticker Paralysis

What happens when you have a really awesome sticker and no appropriate place to use it. General symptoms include keeping the sticker in a drawer and never using it. Sometimes when you do use if you have affixation remorse afterward. 

I have contracted a case of sticker paralysis from this vintage Apple sticker. I can’t decide if I should put it on my fake plastic guitar or my skateboard. It is too precious to use on just anything. 


Pretentious example owner. 

That is all.


(Urban) Word/Phrase of the week:

This word is so made up, it completely reminds me of the word ‘uplit’ (born into the world on Saturday night). 


And hear is the definition:

A process of “learning” something that makes you feel dumber

As in the opposite of enlightenment. Interesting, hey.

The conversation I had with my blind date was so unlightening that I practically fell asleep before the salad course.

There we go, people.

That is all. 

(Urban) word/phrase of the week:

Well hello and welcome back to my wondrous blog; I’ve missed two weeks of urban wording as I’ve been away enjoying the rain and floods down in Dorset. Anyway, this week’s phrase is:

a crapella

Now, this phenomenon is something I bet everyone has experienced/caused at some point:

Singing out loud while listening to music with your headphones on. Whereas the singer gets the benefit of the music, those unfortunate to be standing nearby are subjected to an unaccompanied (and invariably crappy) rendition of the song.

See? On the bus, tube or train, this is definitely an occasional occurrence.

Here’s the example given by the Dictionary:

I wish that guy would turn his iPod off – his a crapella version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” is killing me.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is the worst for a crappela-ing; people always try to imitate the ‘Galileo (Galileo) etc.’ moment and it goes wrong every time. Every time. Tbh though, it’s pretty tricky to beat Freddie Mercury on vocals.

More next week.

That is all.


(Urban) word/phrase of the week:

This was an interesting one, an expression that my friends have actually wondered about on occasion. Here it is:

box lock

Inconsequential looking. Definition:

The female equivalent of a cock block

See. Oh so useful. This was given as an example:

I was hitting on that guy, but my girlfriend stepped in and totally box locked me

Brilliant, hey. See you next week for some more new and exciting words/phrases.

That is all.

(Urban) word/phrase of the week:

Alright people, here’s the thing for today:


Now for the definition:

The opposite of multitasker, a singletasker is one who only takes upon one task at a time and follows it through to completion. Often used sarcastically when someone is bragging about their supreme multitasking skills.

And an example of when you would use this:

Bobby: Today I’m only going to focus on finishing my TPS reports and not answer the phone, email, text, IM, staple, and make breakfast simultaneously

Jeffy: You are such a singletasker!

Bobby: I can’t even respond to you at this time, because then I’d be multitasking

Brilliant. That is all.